Reiki with crystals
Darlene-Marie Slagle has completed a formal workshop on Reiki with Crystals and will receive her Crystal Healer certification in 2016. She uses particular crystals to enhance her energy sessions.  Below are some examples of crystals that resonate with a particular body area. These sessions also include a chakra balancing.

Chart reprinted from:  http://reikirays.com/871/using-crystals-in-reiki/

Stone Body area
Quartz Crown
Dark blue or purple (Amethyst) Forehead
Light blue or Bluish green (Aquamarine or blue lace agate) Throat
Tourmaline or pink crystal (Rose Quartz) Heart
Chartreuse or Coral Color (Malachite, Peridot or Moonstone) Solar plexus area
Gold color (Tiger’s eye or amber) Abdominal region
Deep colors (Hematite, obsidian or garnet) Pelvic region

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Darlene-Marie Slagle is not a medical doctor and does not practice medicine. We do not diagnose, heal, cure, prevent or treat disease. We assist people in correcting energetic imbalances in their personal energy fields that assists the body to release its innate healing ability. When the energy of the body is balanced and moving correctly, the body's innate natural energy heals itself. All healing is self-healing. We recommend that clients continue to see their regular medical doctors and follow their advice. Our spiritual energy work is not a substitute for conventional medical diagnosis or treatment for any medical or psychological condition. For such issues, you should seek the proper licensed physician or healthcare professional. Darlene is an ordained Melchizedek Priest and her work is spiritually based and believe all healing is spiritual in nature. We do not make any promises or guarantees about the effectiveness or results of this work.