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Begin, renew or continue your unique journey with Darlene-Marie Slagle at Divine Methods in Spirituality.

Darlene-Marie Slagle and her collaborators are working together to partner with you on the joyous ongoing path of spiritual discoveries.  We offer healing modalities and classes.  We celebrate in Sacred Circle together. Divine Methods in Spirituality seeks out collaborators and endorses other practitioners who can bring you a variety of opportunities. This is the time for all of us to be reaching for the stars and helping each other get there.

About Darlene-Marie:

Darlene-Marie has been on a spiritual quest for over three decades. She was raised in the Presbyterian tradition, converted to Catholicism, left for the United Church of Christ, and eventually started moving into more esoteric spiritual work. Darlene-Marie studied the Science of Mind philosophy developed by the Rev. Dr. Ernest Holmes. From there, she went on to discover the teachings of Madame Blatvasky of Theosophical Society fame, and has also studied the Seven Rays and many of the Ascended Masters. She followed Gurumayi Chidvalasananda, guru and teacher of Siddha Yoga and attended many teachings at both of Gurumayiís U.S. Ashrams -- in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts and the Catskills in New York. Darlene-Marie has completed Reiki Levels I & II and Advanced Reiki, Magnified Healing Levels I & III, Lumerian Healing, and all five levels of the Melchezidek Method, along with the Melchizedek Method Teacher Training. The Melchizedek Method is a skill once known by the Great Master Teachers and Seers of the ancient Atlantean temples of self discovery and higher learning.

Darlene-Marie continues to be open to all spiritual paths and opportunities for growth and knowledge. She is part of a Centering Prayer community (as developed by Frs. Thomas Keating, Basil Pennington and William Meninger) and studied Tibetan Buddhism for almost eight years with Master Teacher Wendy Garling of Concord, MA. Darlene-Marie has taken several crystal classes and uses pendulums and Angel cards to support her work and provide intuitive readings for clients. She brings all of her studies and training together as an Esoteric Healer and adds a reading of the Akashic Records, which is an affirming proficiency that will unify your healing experience and provide you with a very personal insight into your Soulís journey.

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